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Most of my life, when I thought of a pharmacy, I thought of a place where I took my prescrptions and traded them and money for a bottle of pills or some prepackaged capsules.  I thought that the pharmaceutical companies had the exact pills or medicines that I needed.  But, just as unique as each of us is, our medicinal needs are unique.  There is no way that a drug company can tailor fit medicine for each patient.  In the past, Apothecaries and Pharmacists compounded medicines for each patient according to their needs.  In the 1950's and 60's mass drug manufacturing turned skilled pharmacists into dispensers of manufactured doses of medicine.

Compounding however has made a resurgence and is continuing to expand as people realize that there are many benefits of taking medicine compounded to fit their particular needs.  Compounding pharmacists can make medicine that is difficult to find or has been discontinued.  They can also make medication for people with allergies or intolerance to certain ingredients and combine multiple medicines into one dose, ad flavoring and more.

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