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Local Musician Anthony Wild
Anthony Wild is a local talented singer/songwriter/musician.  Anthony's band Anthony Wild and the Suspects have been suspected and found guilty of producing great music and promoting good times whenever they perform at local venues.The band members are Anthony Wild, Aaron (Pop) Waton, Big Rick and Jeff Fedora.

Art in general and specifically music is the difference between living and merely surviving.  With shrinking school budgets, music programs are usually the first programs to have funding cut. We are fortunate that Anthony Wild is also the founder of "Kids Rock the Nation", a 501(c)(3) non-profit, promotes self esteem through musical performance by recognizing and rewarding potential musical talent in children ages nine to sixteen years old.

From the website for "Kids Rock The Nation":

"Originally from Wisconsin, Anthony began singing at 4 years of age. During his teen years he continued to sing and began recording after his family moved to Florida. Keeping busy with his careers in the rock concert production business and hair styling kept him from pursuing his love of blues singing. Several years after moving to Daytona Beach in 1994, he began to perform in area clubs and pursue blues singing once again.

Later on in life, after experiencing the love and support of good Christian friends while suffering through and eventually being healed of cancer, Anthony decided that he wanted to give back to the community. That is when Rock the Nation was founded. By mentoring young kids through gifting them with guitars and encouraging their musical growth he gains a profound sense of satisfaction."
Local Musician Anthony Wild performing
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