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Dave Bowers

Dave Bowers is a local, and very talented and accomplished photographer whose work is primarily focused on nature.

In 1970, while Bowers was serving in the U.S. military, he studied
photography at the Nikon School of Photography as an out reach program.

Once discharged and beginning family life, he found his first professional experiences behind the lens at Madison Square Garden in New York.  Here he quickly honed his craft while photographing sporting venues and special events, spending late nights in the darkroom so that the prints can be hand delivered in the morning.  And then it all ended, quickly finding out that you can't raise a family of four taking pictures.

Fast forward to 2009. While looking for direction after retirement, Bowers returns to his comfort zone and enrolls at Duke Universities Masters program and studies Naturalist Photography.

His work now is not only nature centric, but now encompasses art emanating from his own studio in Palm Coast, Florida.  National publications, as well as award wining art in galleries have all had the distinction of a Bowers image either in print or hanging on it's walls. Dave is now President of The Flagler Beach Photography Club, LLC which has close to 2,000 local and international members connecting daily on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/558297017603418/

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