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Harry Smith
also known as HARRYOKE!, the owner of HARRYOKE! ENTERTAINMENT, is not your average karaoke host and event DJ.

Harry has to have set some kind of record with the longevity of his ongoing shows.  In addition he has a loyal following, and both for good reasons.  He is the very best karaoke host and event DJ that this writer has ever encountered, but the MAGIC that makes his shows so awesome is indescribable.  It is something you have to experience.  At most karaoke shows, the members of the audience are there to sing and endure the performances of the other audience members while waiting for their turn.  At Harry’s shows, everyone is a star (even if they don’t sing well).  Most of Harry’s following sings well, but there is something about the atmosphere that makes it okay to sing out of tune. Again, it is that indescribable “Magic” that Harry brings to each and every show.

If karaoke is your  thing and you like to sing, Harry will make you feel like a star.  His shows almost always have several “OMG” moments when someone belts out a tune like a pro, but the main attraction for me is when Harry starts each new set by singing a song himself.  Harry’s got the pipes, the chops or what ever it is that allows him to sing almost any song with near perfection.

Harry also DJ’s and emcees just about any event you could think of and on top of all of that, Harry is absolutely one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  So, go to his website at harryoke.com , check out his massive karaoke song list and see where he is performing and GO!  I assure you, you won’t regret it.

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