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The Importance of
Importance of Music Education

    Many schools are cutting back or eliminating their music education programs.  It seems that when budgets tighten, music is the first thing on the chopping block. That is certainly a shame and quite possibly a serious error that could have a huge negative impact on the students today and throughout their lives.

    There are many reasons to keep music education programs healthy and well funded:

  • Music education helps children learn to memorize, a skill that is certainly useful in a student's academic life and beyond.  

  • Music education also helps students' language and reasoning skills.  

  • It promotes a desire to constantly improve and to strive for exellence and earn a sense of achievement.  

  • Children in music education programs are more likely to stay in school and be engaged in school.  I have interviewed several students in a local high school music education class and several of them said that there were times when the only reason they went to school, or didn't drop out of school was the band program.

  • Performing music can create fear and anxiety.  Music education helps students learn to overcome their fear, build self confidence and playing music can reduce stress.

  • Being part of a school band or orchestra can improve a student's emotional development, teamwork skills, self-discipline and social skills.  The work, dedication and teamwork builds character.

    It is crucial to our children and future generations that music education be part of the school system.  We must find ways to fund these programs that are far to valuable to end.

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