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Is Lack of Sleep Hurting Me
    Pretty much everyone has had a bad day because they didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before and that bad day can extend and be even worse when lack of sleep is an ongoing problem.  There are many reasons that people don’t get adequate, quality sleep.  Some injuries or ailments can negatively impact sleep as can some medicines.  Stress, worry and anxiety can prevent restful sleep and parents of newborns lose sleep taking care of the baby.

    Regardless of why someone does not get enough sleep, the effects are generally the same.  Most      experts agree that the average adult needs about 8 hours of quality sleep a night.  Some people need a little more or a little less.  It is important to listen to your body to determine how much sleep you need and then do your best to get that much sleep.

Dr. Dany Obeid, M.D. - Advanced Sleep & Respiratory Institute
305 Medical Parkway, Suite 501 - Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Local Doctor Dany Obeid, M.D. warns that lack of sleep can result in serious negative impact on life.  He also warns that sleep apnea can be life threatening. Football legend Reggie White died from sleep apnea, when he stopped breathing while asleep.  Dr. Obeid warns that otherwise healthy athletes like  football players and weight lifters, or anyone with a thicker neck, may be at risk for sleep apnea.

Dr. Obeid is dedicated to helping the residents of the Greater Daytona Beach area with sleep disorders, saying, “I love this area, it’s my favorite place I have ever lived, and it is awesome to be able to have a positive impact in the community.” Born in Lebanon, Dr. Obeid graduated in 2000 from American University of Beirut  (AUB), Wayne State Medical School with a fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital. He is Board Certified in Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Sleep Medicine.
LACK OF SLEEP:  Causes Accidents.  Loss of mental acuity, poor decision making, slowed reaction time and actual dozing off while driving a vehicle, operating machinery, etc. is one of the leading causes of accidents.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP:  Can Boost Your Immunity.  Getting enough sleep prevents the disruptive impact of lack of sleep on your immune system allow your body to fend off more bugs.

LACK OF SLEEP:  Can have serious health consequences.  Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP:  Can help you stay slim. According to the website for the National Health Services of the United Kingdom [1] “It’s believed to be because sleep-deprived people have reduced levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full) and increased levels of ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone)”

LACK OF SLEEP:  Can kill your sex drive. [2] Men who do not get enough quality sleep produce less testosterone.

GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP:  Can increase mens’ libidos.  More good sleep produces more testosterone in men and thereby improves their libidos.
There are many more negative consequences of lack of quality sleep and as many positive results of getting enough sleep on a regular basis.  For more information contact a sleep disorder specialist.

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