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Travis Barrett Rudd

Travis Barrett Rudd is a local musician and surfer.  His humility and his desire to thank so many who have helped him along the way prompted us to use the following quote from Travis as the body of this article.

"My name is Travis Barrett Rudd, I am 27 years old. I play acoustic solo 2, 3 and 4 hour gigs in the area as well as original gigs, open mics, events and parties. I am originally from Baltimore Maryland but have lived in Florida since I was 14 growing up in Ocala and Gainesville. I have been in Flagler Beach for about 4 years now. I made my start in music around here as the drummer for a band called "soulcean". I am now the drummer of our new band "the swell" lead by Barry Mathewson. Drumming was my first instrument growing up playing punk rock, reggae, ska, metal, you name it.

Later in life I turned more to guitar and vocals with styles centered in the folk and blues...eventually leading to playing more styles including reggae, modern hits, classic rock, punk, and more. I play a wide range of styles which some bar owners like because its not the same stuff all night. In the area I play solo gigs at Finn's, Breakaways, Tortugas, Daytona Taproom, Sunsetter's Riverfront grill, Crab Island, Crabbie Chris Beachside BBQ, and more. You can find all my show listings and music on, I also have new videos comimg out Live at FINNs on youtube, my channel is simply Travis Barrett Rudd. I have been hoping to form my own band with guys back me up very soon so we can do the full band gigs. So look for that soon enough.

Besides the music I am also a local surfer and spend alot of my time at the beach and being part of our local community. I have to give a shout out to all the bars owners and open mic hosts who have helped me along the way in my journey. I am on the cusp of bigger and better things. Big thanks first of to my Parents and family (for supporting my dreams) and to all the bars mentioned as well as fellow musicians and friends Barry Mathewson, Pepper Pyle, Justin Gurnsey, Andrew Bosscher, Trey Geddings, Jimmi Soldo, Harryoke, Grant from Finn's, Paul and Scott owners of Tortugas, Michelle Brown (she had me on the radio a few months ago on her show 97.3 fm), Dj King, Chris owner of Crab Island and Crabby Chris, Kyle and Tyler of Breakaways, Jesse Bertholf, All the Twisted Vibes Family, Jesse James, Mike Chandler, Shaker Jones, All of our wednesday Tortuga's open mic crew... and so many more."


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