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water safety in Flagler
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Water Safety

As the weather remains warm here in Florida, more and more people flock to the beaches, lakes, springs, and public and private swimming pools. Recently, in Volusia County alone, over one weekend, 2 people lost their lives and another 520 needed to be rescued from the surf. Let this be a reminder that the ocean can overpower even the best swimmers and should be respected. A little knowledge and caution can go a long way when it comes to staying safe in and around the water. (Boating Safety will be covered in another article)

Keep these things in mind and stay safe:

• Child Proof Your Pool – barriers, fences, alarms, etc.

• Waterproof Your Child – teach them to swim yourself, or get them trained by a pro.

• Set Rules for Your Family based on each person’s abilities – stick to them!

• Use the Buddy System – even in pools, no one swims alone

• No hyperventilating, or breath holding contests

• LEARN CPR, it can save a life

• Swim only in designated swimming areas


• Supervise your children – don’t rely on other children to do it for you

• Don’t DIVE Unless You Know for Certain What You are Diving Into!

• Drink Fluids – preferably water

• The Sun can be dangerous – sunburn, heatstroke

• ALCOHOL and WATER are a bad combination – refrain from drinking alcohol

• Watch the Weather – Storms can spring up quickly if you see lightning or hear thunder get out of the water!

• If You are Going to Swim in the Ocean, LEARN about the ocean: Tides, Currents, Rip Currents - how to spot them and how to get out of them, Marine Life Jellyfish stings can hurt, all Marine Life in the ocean can be dangerous

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